June 1, 2022

While you can choose to move straight into a university hall during your first year of college in Woolloongabba, there are many other types of student accommodation Woolloongabba has available for you. However, choosing the wrong kind of student housing can dampen your uni experience for the length of your contract. To help you make the best decision, here are important insights that you can pick up.

Living in university halls

Choosing university-managed halls or similar types of accommodation means that you live with students studying in the same school as you, which is excellent for making good friends. You may even meet a few friends that you will want to move into private student accommodation next year. However, note that not all university-managed housing units are on campus. Some may be located in the nearest town or city.

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Regardless, university halls are usually situated in convenient locations that allow you to easily make it to your classes, do some group work, and get to the library. Furthermore, they provide easy access to student union-sponsored activities, clubs, and societies.

If this is the first time you are living away from home, these halls are excellent preparation grounds for living in a rental private unit. You gain many benefits of independent living without the hassle of having to deal with landlords or utility bills. Plus, if anything goes wrong, there is good support from the university staff and housing office.

Living on your own

Some students prefer moving into rented apartments or houses in a group. This is an excellent choice for mature students who prefer living in their own space outside university life.

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Living in a private student residence is appealing as it allows you to decide who you want to live with and which neighborhoods are most appealing to you. Living under this student housing option also makes you feel part of the local community.

Most students choose privately rented accommodation after the first year as a preparation for post-university life.

Living at home

Living at home is a suitable option that helps you cut down your costs, and you do not have to pack up all your possessions and relocate. This option makes a huge difference depending on the student financing you are receiving and your budget.

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While living at home, you need to put a little extra effort into planning how you meet people—in and outside your lectures. Some great places to start include student union events, societies, and sports clubs.

Living in private student halls

You have the option of moving into a purpose-built student living complex, which is an increasingly popular option for many students. A privately-run student accommodation Woolloongabba has to offer can provide you with a room while sharing communal areas, like the TV room or kitchen.

The usual facilities and amenities available at these private residences include:

  • Single, double, bunk, twin, and king rooms
  • Executive studios
  • Multiple bedrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Entertainment areas
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These private residences are exceptional for expanding your social circle, and you might even find students from other universities in the building. When choosing private halls, check communal spaces available and events or activities organized by residents for socializing and meetups.

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