June 1, 2022

Pressure washers are mainly of two types Gas Power washers and electric pressure washers. It depends on entirely your requirement to find out which one to go for. 

You may be finding out what you need to do once you have purchased the gas pressure washer or you have one and you are wanting to change its oil but not sure as to what type of pressure washer pump oil to be used?

Different Types Of Oils

Similar to the gasoline engines, the pressure washer engine also needs an oil, it is the lubricant that protects the inner components from wearing down because they connect with each other, It also manages the internal temperature of the engine, as the oil move through the engine, it takes away the heat of the parts or components.

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All-purpose Engine Oils

The all-purpose engine oil is nothing special but just a good all-purpose engine oil and is simple to get hold of. There is an instruction manual in the pressure washer in which there is a section about which oil should be used and the weight of that oil i.e.,10W-30 which indicates the weight of oil in summer and in winter.

This is very important because you should know which oil will suit your engine in the climate where you are residing. If you are in a location where the temperature is 40 degrees Fahrenheit or higher constantly then you should use which oil? If you live in a climate where the temperature goes below 40 degrees Fahrenheit then which oil to be used?

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If you use the right power washer oil, you will see that the machine will start better. If you use the wrong oil, then there may be some damage to the engine and you will see that your pressure washer engine is consuming more oil. So it is advised to get good quality oil.

Non-detergent pump oils

In the case of non-detergent pump oil, you should go for the best quality synthetic oils. You may use a 30W, not detergent oil which is still popular today, although they are not as required as there are oil filters now. The non-detergent pump oil makes the contaminants stick to the side walls naturally, avoiding the damage of the engine by the dirty oil. Other kinds of oils may cause building up of sludge in a pressure washer, because of which oil filters are used as the sludge is caught in these filters.

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Selecting the right oil

To get out of the confusion of judging out which pressure washer oil should be used at what temperature, then you should go for the one that has low consumption and works in a wide range of temperature, here in Pressure Coach you can check out the top models of oil to keep your unit running smoothly.

Maintenance tips of pump oil

To carry out the maintenance task a few quick and easy tips are mentioned below –

●      Before starting the pressure washer it is better to check the oil level. You can look at the oil level at the oil sight window without the cap being opened. If this cannot be the case then you can use a dipstick for checking the oil level.

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●      After the first run of the pressure washer, you may change the oil at the end of winter or every spring. This is an important task because in winters the oil thickens and may gradually damage or ruin the working of the pump.

●      For other small maintenance tasks, you can check the owner’s manual to see the longevity of the pressure washer.

How to change the oil?

It is important to change the oil regularly of the pressure washer, if left for a long time the oil may damage and degrade the pressure washer engine or pump.

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●      Run the pressure washer for a few minutes before changing the oil, this will make the oil nice and warm and the warm oil will flow more quickly, this reduces the time required to drain the pressure washer of oil completely.

●      Once the pressure washer is warm then turn it off and disconnect it from the water source.

●      First, stick a container directly under the machine.

●       The oil cap is to be removed and the pressure washer is tipped so that the last point of the engine is the oil tank.

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●      Some pressure washers have a tube or funnel that may be required to remove the oil completely.

●      Collect the old oil in a container and dispose of it off safely.

●      Once the entire oil has been drained out of the pressure washer you may bring it back to upright if you had to tip it.

●      Now fill fresh oil in the pressure washer, check the instruction manual to see how much oil should be added in, if there is an oil sight window- put a bit of oil, wait, check, keep repeating this till you reach the right amount of oil.

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●      If you have a dipstick, just check the dipstick and make sure to clean it before you take a reading.

●      Avoid overfilling the oil tank, if there is a lot of oil, it may damage the engine.

●      Put the oil cap back on and see that it is secured tightly.

●      Wipe away the extra oil that has been spilled or dripped.


When you have got a new pressure washer you should change the oil after running it for 24 hours. After the first change of oil, it will change to 50 hours of runtime, but that depends on the climatic conditions Hopefully, this article is an answer to the question of what kind of oil does a pressure washer use?

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