April 14, 2022

We keep hearing that mathematics, science, social science, and English are very important academic subjects for students. However, along with these subjects, there is a big world having national, international, and political affairs every day. This is known as general awareness. Having effective general knowledge is important for all of us. Let us know the importance and general knowledge and some tips for teachers to enhance the general knowledge skills of students.

Importance of general knowledge 

  • For effective communication and public speaking skills

In or out of the classrooms, at several events, and normally too, people often discuss what’s happening in the states and cities. When students have effective general knowledge, they tend to become better at communication. They initiate or become an active part of discussions. With this public speaking skills and confidence in students are also enhanced.

  • For competitive exam preparation
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Several entrance exams and competitive exams have a proper section that includes questions on general awareness and current affairs. With effective GK skills, students can crack competitive exams with high scores and ranks. This contributes to their academic and professional growth and development.

  • To have up to date knowledge of what’s happening around

Only learning what’s written in the textbooks is not enough for academic, social, and professional growth. When students have general knowledge, they become aware of the happenings, advancements, changes, law amendments, and much more. This broadens the knowledge and decision-making skills of the students too.

Tips for teachers to enhance the general knowledge skills of students 

  1. Introduce newspaper reading to the classroom
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A newspaper is like a complete package, it is that one learning resource, that provides you with information on all national, international, and political happenings all across the world. Only asking students to read the newspaper at home won’t work, as some will do it and many will avoid it.

So teachers should try to introduce newspaper reading in the classroom. Newspapers can be distributed to students every day. The school can charge the parents the fee. Have twenty to thirty minutes for newspaper reading every day. Later ask students what they read, or have discussions on catchy headlines. This is very effective to brush up general knowledge skills of students.

  1. Have a GK class similar to other academic subjects
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Whether classes are via a live teaching app or through conventional modes, GK classes should surely be organized for students. In these classes, teachers should provide students with current affairs, and knowledge of general events happening around them.

  1. Provide students with a standard GK manual

For effective studies in the classroom, having a proper book or manual to refer to is important. Like the way, teachers use main coursebooks for all academic subjects like science, social science, maths, English, etc, the same way teachers should provide students with a standard GK manual. Using a proper book, teachers can teach effectively. Make students fill the answers in the book and have classroom discussions on topics that you teach. The GK book can be used at home for self-studies, revisions, homework, and exam preparation.

  1. Use technology to teach
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Sometimes learning from the textbooks becomes boring as well as difficult for students. To overcome this problem, using technology helps. With the help of online apps for the classroom, teachers can access several audiovisual tools like educational videos, modules, demonstrations, picture cards, and everyday current affairs.

With the help of visualization, students tend to understand the concepts better and quicker. Also memorizing or grasping general awareness becomes better this way. Class participation and students’ interest in learning both are enhanced using technical teaching aids.

  1. Conduct tests

As we have tests or summative exams for other academic subjects, similarly, gk tests should also be conducted for students. Many students show disinterest or are reluctant to learn GK topics. However, my exams tend to become more accountable. When tests are conducted, students learn more specifically. All teachers should conduct regular general awareness tests for students. Grades and marks should be provided to improve student’s general awareness.

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For effective learning and education, having general knowledge is equally important as compared to other academic subjects. By following the above-mentioned tips, teachers can enhance the general knowledge skills of the students. This will contribute to the academic, social, personal, and professional growth and development of the students.

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