June 1, 2022

Sunlight automatically brings out feelings such as brightness, warmth, sunny day and so on. People love sunlight during winters. The best way of bringing out the feeling of sunlight and its brightness in the house is by choosing lemon yellow coloured paint.

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Sunlight Feel in the House

Lemon yellow is actually the colour that can help you to enjoy the feel of brightness inside your house. It is not at all a subtle colour and can enhance the brightness of any room, where the colour is used as the room décor. People normally prefer this bright colour in such rooms, where constant interactions and lively conversations take place.

There are many locations where lemon yellow colour will surely do justice as the colour décor are listed below.

  • Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets in any room, especially the kitchen furniture are the best place for choosing lemon yellow colour. Kitchen is the place in the house where someone will be visiting constantly. Painting the area with lemon yellow will surely brighten anyone’s mind, when in the place.

  • Benches in the Garden
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It is a well-known fact that the garden area is the place where people love some fun time. People normally enjoy chatting with one another indulging in some conversations with their friends or family members, and so on. Keeping the garden benches bright and lively will surely add a spark to the place.

  • Textiles

If you are planning to decide what colour to choose for the clothing used for your cushion covers, sofa covers, and so on, then lemon yellow is an excellent choice. This will automatically brighten the area, as the colour is not at all subtle.

  • Colour of the Attic
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The best part of using lemon yellow colour to any area is that you can easily mix and match it with any room décor. If you are planning to convert your attic into a bedroom, then nothing suits the area perfectly like lemon yellow colour for the walls and wardrobes.

  • Sunshine Underfoot

The best way of brightening up the mood of everyone crossing your threshold is by placing a lemon yellow coloured doormat and floor mat in your living area. The bright colour will surely lighten the mood of every soul that crosses your threshold, after wiping their feet on the doormat and moving towards the floor mat.

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There are many benefits of using lemon yellow colour. It is a gender neutral colour and will be the best choice as the room décor for a nursery, or the room of your toddler. The bright colour will even help your child with the development of nerves responsible for colour vision. 


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