September 19, 2022

All operations in a company are anchored on the human resource (HR) department. This calls for proper documentation and planning. When new employees join your company, the HR manager interviews them, orients them, and signs their contract. Files under the HR department contain sensitive information and should be kept secure.

Companies hire remote workers for various reasons, such as distance, commitments, and the aftermath of the 2019 pandemic. The HR personnel has to ensure employees receive daily tasks, coordinate the execution and review the complete tasks. A document management system is essential to help them track company activities and keep a record of every employee’s progress.

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Learn more about HR files and document templates and their importance in any organization.

Why need to optimize your HR documents, workflows, and templates

Overseeing the operations in an organization is tedious, especially when documents are not optimized. Your duty as a human resource manager begins with employee induction and ends at the output evaluation. Many operations take place between induction and the final output.

HR document templates can simplify your overseeing duties and improve accountability among employees. For example, you can use automated workflow to monitor work progress instead of moving from one department to another to determine the employees’ progress in task execution.

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Conflict resolution among workers and between workers and supervisors becomes simpler when you have supporting documents. For example, identifying various tasks assigned to an individual or revisiting employment terms.

Digital transformation is easier when you have document control systems in place. Suppose you want to store all company data in the cloud. Transfer of files from the on-premise storage to the cloud may take longer if there is no HR document management system. Furthermore, you may lose crucial data in the costly transformation process.

A human resource department with optimized workflows improves efficiency and minimizes liabilities. If you have a team working remotely, document management workflows can help you coordinate them and oversee their task completion without contacting each. This saves you time and liability since you use fewer resources to reach them.

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Most Critical HR Documents

HR documentation highlighting employee agreements, duties and responsibilities, and institution rules are critical. They help in conflict resolution, remuneration, and planning of employee schedules. Other important documents include warning letters and payment records for accomplished tasks.

Here is an outline of critical HR documents:

  • Appointment letter and job description: A letter of appointment contains the crucial details of a contract between the employee and institution. It spells out the duties an employee should perform and the expected compensation. This document holds the employee and employer accountable and is important in ensuring the staff executes their duties.
  • Performance appraisal document: Each employee should have a target of what to accomplish. The performance appraisal helps HR personnel list an employee’s accomplishments, strengths, and weaknesses. You can use this chart to identify areas that need reinforcement and plan for employee training.
  • Approve leave request: Employers need leave from work occasionally to seek medication or go for a vacation. A copy indicating the day leave starts and ends helps avoid duty absconding.
  • Orientation register and training records. New employers need induction training to acquaint them with their new job. You should keep a register of training sessions to help you gauge your performance. The training register helps improve accountability.
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Other important templates for documents storage solutions include a checklist of duties accomplished by new employees, management, and business process files.

Organize and Structure Your HR Documents

You should improve your work environment by integrating new technology into your system. After establishing a document management service for your business, evaluate its efficiency and check out for new developments.  If you use software that saves your files on the device, you can adopt an advanced one that stores files in the cloud.

Adopting cloud document management helps you to:

  • Organize your files systematically according to alphabet or dates. This makes retrieval easier and saves you the time you previously spent accessing the documents manually.
  • Group related documents and analyze them to know your business’s financial position and performance. For example, an editor software can help you to scan all receipts to help you track business expenses.
  • Scan and convert files in different formats to PDF for easy storage and sharing. The OCR feature in PDF readers is ideal for detecting and converting files in different formats to PDFs.
  • Keeping data secure and accessible to your team by storing it in the cloud allows members to view and send feedback. The ideal software should have security features to ensure your employees’ and company data is not accessible to fraudsters.
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How to do it with Lumin

Electronic document management systems require a good file reader to help create and share files. Many online file readers store data in the cloud, and users can access them remotely. Lumin PDF is an ideal editing software for all your document management solution needs. HR personnel can perform the following tasks in their documentation on lumin PDF.

  • Create forms using the available templates. The self-appraisal form and assessment checklist can help the HR team evaluate their staff performance and plan for future training. It can also help in identifying gaps in their workforce.
  • Modify and update data in files. Some fields in your institutional forms require frequent updates, for example, dates, prices of commodities, and other variables. The annotation feature can help them update employees’ records, such as work hours and payments.
  • Save files in the cloud and share them with your team. Lumin PDF is an online editor that saves data in the cloud. The HR team can create memos and other documents and allow access for team members to view and offer feedback. It can also help inform them about changes in the organization.
  • Merge PDF files into one document for easy sharing and retrieval.
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Parting Shot

HR document management system plays a crucial role in smoothly running business activities. Software that helps your team in documentation directly boosts your organizational performance.

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